Посольство України в Республіці Кенія

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Ukraine offers affordable higher education | 03 грудня, 09:24

Expat Insider 2016 ranked Ukraine as the most affordable country in terms of living expenses and second-best in personal financial satisfaction. In Summary For prospective students interested in studying there, the Ukrainian State Centre for International Education offers a range of support services. Students have the same rights, freedoms and obligations as citizens of Ukraine. These include medical care and insurance. 
Стаття | Джерело: The Star, Kenya | Автор: ELIUD KIBII

Post-Maidan Revolution, Ukraine grows its presence in Kenya, and Africa | 02 грудня, 13:20

Demonstrations were sparked by crony capitalism and the then government's decision to suspend the signing of an association agreement with the EU. While the world is now talking of the Latin Uprising in South America, Ukraine experienced what was called the Maidan Revolution in February 2014. With the new dispensation, Ukraine has not only stabilised its domestic politics through reforms but also expanded its footprint in Africa, and Kenya in particular.
Стаття | Джерело: The Star, Kenya | Автор: ELIUD KIBII

Kyiv, the ancient Eastern Europe city full of monuments, history | 09 листопада, 13:08

Стаття | Джерело: The Star, Kenya | Автор: ELIUD KIBII

Ukraine seeks to deepen trade relations with Kenya | 30 жовтня, 09:50

Стаття | Джерело: Business Daily | Автор: Brian Ngugi

What’s in a name? The switch from Kiev to Kyiv for the Ukrainian capital | 29 червня, 13:55

Стаття | Джерело: The Star, Kenya | Автор: Eliud Kibii

Trade, arms at the centre of revamped Ukraine-Kenya ties | 15 червня, 14:26

Between 2015 and this year, there have been nine high-level diplomatic visits, and the scheduled visit to Ukraine later this year by Foreign Affairs CAS Ababu Namwamba will make it 10
Стаття | Джерело: The Star, Kenya | Автор: ELIUD KIBII
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