Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Kenya

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Political relations between Ukraine and the Union of the Comoros

The Union of the Comoros recognized Ukraine as an independent state on July 23, 1993. The diplomatic relations were established through exchange of diplomatic notes on the same day.

Ukraine and Comoros do not have diplomatic missions in Kyiv and Moroni respectively.

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Kenya that was established in Nairobi in January 2004 is also responsible for relations with Comoros. Since November 7, 2018 Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Kenya is H.E. Mr. Andrii Pravednyk (presented Credentials on December 5, 2018).

Work is underway to ensure the accreditation of the Union of the Comoros to Ukraine through an Embassy in one of the European country.

The Honorary Consulate of the Union of the Comoros, headed by Oleksandr Kuznietsov, also operates in Kyiv. The candidate for the position of Honorary Consul of Ukraine in the Union of the Comoros is being selected.

There are currently no high-level bilateral commissions. At the same time, Comoros demonstrate a desire to develop bilateral relations with Ukraine, which manifests itself in willingness to maintain its dialogue with Ukraine at the highest level.

The leadership of Comoros, particularly at the highest level, has repeatedly expressed its support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Deliberations with the leadership of Comoros, namely its President and Minister for Foreign Affairs, testified Comoros’ intention to develop and deepen cooperation with Ukraine in such fields as trade, agriculture, tourism, medicine and education.

Concluding of the bilateral agreements should be the basis for establishing cooperation between the two countries.

To date, three bilateral agreements have been signed between the two sides, namely on establishment of the diplomatic relations, on recognition of seafarers' diplomas (certificates) and the Agreement on cooperation in the field of education and science, which offers the Comorian citizens 5 state scholarships annually.